544 – Thank You

544 – Thank You



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  1. Autrach Sejanoz says:

    Aww. :)

    I have to say though, back in 2010, it was established that Kali got a fire extinguisher from her parents for Christmas. So, wouldn’t her parents kind of have an inkling of where she is? Or did she just lie & say it was from them?

  2. @Autrach: Kali’s parents probably know where she goes to college at least, and if nothing else setting something on fire would get a letter home to your parents, so maybe that is why they sent it: not truly as a christmas gift, but as a “clearly you need this, so here.” sort of thing. Ont he flip-side, it could have been some kind of attempt to get Kali to feel more at-ease, the parents rationalizing that if they can all have a joke about Kali’s antics, then maybe they can get along. But somehow I think it’s the former reasoning.

    As for the post itself, the real power of this is how it shows why a lot of people want to go to college: not for education or partying, but to simply get away from the place you have grown up, and all the previously established ideas about who you are that everyone else has formed. In her own home (and probably most of her hometown) she is the floating hat/the genetic experiment. But at EIT she is actually a person with friends who care about her as more than just what can be seen of her, but who care about who she really is. That is the kind of relationship most people would trade the world for.

  3. Fred says:

    …Wow. This is heartwarming.

  4. Mr. Torgue says:


    KALI, CAN I HUG YOU!! ҉ ҉??
    - Mr. Torgue

  5. eekee says:

    Omigawh! I almost got teary there. ^^;

  6. Wolf-who-watches says:

    One wonders if she-who-is-not-seen would like to play chase.

  7. RogueRobert says:

    …I’ve been wanting to hug Kali for goodness-and-maybe-Tails-only-know how long, but this…
    Oh, Kali…

  8. Jon Gibson says:

    Cerberus syndrome. Cerberus syndrome everywhere.