Who goes there?
Hi. My name is Jenny. Holy crap, I’m a girl on the internet. I’m originally from a tiny town in Western Mass, and am now an alumna of RPI’s Electronic Arts program. I love being an artsy geek and associating with others that share either status. I’ve been drawing comic strips since the third grade, and now I do it on the internet.

What on earth is going on?
The main character, Penny, goes to the Enjuhneer Institute of Technology (EIT), which is every engineering school stereotype and reality all rolled into one awesome strip. Most of the stuff that happens in the strip actually did happen or was inspired by something in real life.

When do you update?
I updated Monday-Wednesday-Friday until May 2012, and restarted updates on Mondays only in January 2013. There’s a pretty sizeable archive, so you’ll have plenty to catch up on.