06 – She Has a Name

06 – She Has a Name

What? “Penelope” is an awesome name. The fact that “Penny” rhymes with “Jenny” is merely coincidence.

I’m personally glad she’s not “Mehitabel.”

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  1. reynard61 says:

    I hope you brought a lamp, ’cause someone just hanged the shade

  2. rgood says:

    offtopic-I don’t twitter-re:Avatar
    While endcredits rolled, my reaction was that the Corp screwed up by the numbers. Even if the Avatar-folk NEEDED nothing the Corp had, marketing departments exist to create WANTS…the latest Hollywood blockbuster, for example. Music…water purifiers…refrigerators…Tupperware… & Corp could have gone for any of the smaller deposits first.

  3. FreeFlier says:

    But if her name was mehitabel, she’d be a cockroach . . .

    /waits to see if anyone gets the reference/

  4. Col Klink says:

    Yo, dude, mehitabel was the cat.