110 – Where No Man Has Gone Before

110 – Where No Man Has Gone Before

I thought of the title for this strip *after* I drew the Star Trek panties.

So I’m feeling better! Many thanks go out to those who left good wishes on last Monday’s filler strip. I <3 you guys!

I would *love* to reach out more to the reader base, and I think at the moment the best way to do it is to go to Connecticon at the end of July. Everything’s still very much up in the air (as I’m terrible at planning), but what do you guys think of that idea?

EDIT: Apparently the Artist Colony tables at Connecticon are sold out. I emailed three weeks ago but never got a response… Unfortunate. 🙁 Well, you guys should still go to it, it’s a great con! I went last year and loved it.

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  1. Renold says:

    Getting your name out there is never a bad idea. Since thus far, the extent of your advertising (as far as I know) has been word of mouth and Genericon; going to another con would be a good idea. Also I recommend making something free to give to people with the URL on it (business cards or little magnets or stickers or something), so that people can grab it, stuff it in their pocket, forget about it for two days, then come to the site when they get home and empty their pockets of con-swag. I know if I’m at a con, I’ll see lots of things I like, but unless I have something with the name on it, I’ll forget about it by the time I get home.

  2. L says:

    It’s too bad you were unable to get a table….
    glad to see you are feeling better at least :-).

  3. L says:

    Also…I second Renold’s point on free items, they work really well.

  4. Agentomega says:

    ‘Twas a great ‘con this year… Bunches of great voice actors/actresses, and I even got to sing with one of them 😀

  5. Dragonson says:

    I once made a bet with a friend, and if i lost i had to do his laundry.
    I did.

    I will not describe what i found.