116 – Best Fireworks Ever

116 – Best Fireworks Ever

I didn’t really get to see fireworks this year, but I totally heard ’em. All. Night. Long.

Oh, fireworks. Where else can you find lots of sparkly colors *and* dangerous explosives?!

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  1. Jojo, Master of the Universe (You can call me Jojo) says:

    So my brother and my cousin drove far away to buy fireworks that could get them arrested in this sate. The big night came, and our cities fireworks were actually a little bit smaller than some of the ones he brought home. We needed ear protection because of the mortars we were firing.

    Happy Independence Day.

  2. Jade506 says:

    And “d’aaaaaw^^ how cuuuuute”
    Last night was the start of our summer tradition where I live. Fireworks every monday night. So instead of standing on a cold beacht to watch, I can just sit back in bad and watch from my window. Sometimes I really love my house ^^

  3. senrath says:

    Fireworks this year were not fun for me. They were alright themselves, but then I learned that there was an accident with the fireworks display in a town over, and one of the technicians was killed.

  4. werekitty says:

    It’s the Companion Cube!!!!

  5. Larry says:

    Kimagure/Inky ftw

  6. MadHatter says:

    OMG COMPANION CUBE! so cute!