127 – Gone Fishin’ Part 1

127 – Gone Fishin’ Part 1

Same as most dorms, Residence Hall at EIT doesn’t allow pets that aren’t fish. This is probably due less to the amount of damage that can occur — come on, they’re engineers, they can fix anything — but more due to the sheer number of allergies the students have.

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  1. senrath says:

    I dunno, the Engineers that I know often are the most destructive people I know. Myself included.

  2. Lexi says:

    That’s totally something I would do, and have done. I showed it to a friend and she said “dear god, is someone making a webcomic about YOU?” Thank you for making such an awesome webcomic.

  3. cbhacking says:

    I remember when I was applying to places, MIT was an attractive option because, aside from the obvious reasons, they allowed students to have cats in the dorms.

    IIRC, the exact quote had something to do with “getting tired of cracking down on surrepticiously kept kitties… however they must be spayed or neutered, a requirement not yet extended to the student body.”

  4. drmike says:

    You were allowed fish? We weren’t allowed any pet at the colleges I went to.