134 – Iron Pan

134 – Iron Pan

First thing I thought of when I heard Disney was buying Marvel was a Mickey/Wolverine crossover cosplay. This was the second thing.

Also, this should serve as some sort of proof that I can do art that’s not in the style I’ve embraced for Enjuhneer. (I’ve had questions about that.) Anyone want a commission? Email me and we’ll work something out. 🙂

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  1. Green says:

    I approve. 😀

  2. nochdguir says:

    Epic! hawk over @applegeeks is doing an art challenge for #disneymarvelcrossovers on twitter you should so submit this! deadline is friday if your interested either way i love the crossover!

  3. Renold says:

    I’m kinda surprised more webcomics didn’t make fun of the merger: only Enjuhneer and Penny Arcade so far (out of what I read, anyway).

  4. nochdguir says:

    hmm my gravatar didn’t show up in my last comment

  5. nochdguir says:

    @ renold Applegeeks is hosting a crossover art challenge so i bet he will put one up sometime in the next week or so

  6. Jerry says:

    The first thing I thought was “Link in a Iron Man Suit…”

  7. Frank says:

    ok that is kind of awesome.

  8. Dr. Bowman says:

    Hil. Arious.

  9. Mikey says:

    I’d have to agree with Jerry, link was the first thing I thought too. That could be ’cause I’m a bit of a zelda nerd though.

  10. Katie says:

    I appreciate this comic. Just read it today.

    And because you’re the kind of geeks that should appreciate it…

    It’s where engineers and anime nerds become one in a real life adventure… Not kidding, at all.

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  12. MilConDoin says:

    Mickey/Wolverine Crossover:

    You’re not the only one to think of that 🙂
    (And I’m apparently not the only one to think of Link here)

  13. Jenny says:

    My roommate, and friend and I were actually doing a side-by-side comparison of costumes between Peter Pan, Link and Robin Hood (as they each thought of one or the other and not Peter Pan). Their costumes are surprisingly similar — go Google them and take a look!

    The points that seem fully unique to a Disney Pan costume are the zig-zag hem of his tunic and the red feather in his green cap (as opposed to Disney Robin Hood’s red feather in a brown cap).

  14. werekitty says:

    Wait, we don’t get to see the Mickey/Wolverine? No fair! *indignant*

  15. Knowmad1976 says:

    okay i laughed so hard at that one, i peed a little

  16. Dragonson says: