141 – Tails’ Story Page 3

141 – Tails’ Story Page 3

Aww lookit, Tails grew up. And… learned to read. Interesting.

Hooray for more silent storytelling! I’m really enjoying this experiment with it.

Oh, hey! Anybody in the Troy area: It’s Troy Night Out tonight! There’s a sweet exhibit at 7 Broadway featuring an RPI student’s photographic documentary of his cousin’s journey to becoming a Buddhist monk. The photos are astounding, and if you get a chance, you should see Natt Phenjati’s work tonight. (While you’re downtown, stop by the Martinez Gallery too, we have a new show up tonight!) </shameless plugs>

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  1. Renold says:


    I felt this was appropriate for the second panel.

  2. L says:

    Some poor student just lost hundreds of dollars in textbooks.

  3. Baughbe says:

    Go Tails Go! Succeed where I have failed. Restructure the very foundations of knowledge. Glimpse the very web of the forces of nature. Date someone who is not psychotic. Ooooo… shiny objects….

  4. Frank says:

    Ohh, so tails doesn’t have two identical twin siblings, he just is going back and forth in the garbage a couple of times. Right? I hope I’m right.

  5. Anonymous says:

    dude frank look at the shadows in the first panel. they change position as you go across the panel, meaning the sun is changing position. time is passing lol

  6. Joseph says:

    You lied about the introduction on page 1 having the only words that appear in this arc.

  7. Jenny says:

    It’s the only narration/speech. The book titles don’t count.