148 – That Thing You Do

148 – That Thing You Do

I found out today that my current roommate plays the song from the stampede scene of The Lion King while cleaning the bathroom. People have interesting habits.

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  1. BethR says:

    I like to listen to “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly” when I’m cleaning

  2. Kataklysmos says:

    That’s a giant match she’s holding.

  3. Baughbe says:

    I once had a roomie that could go without sleep for days if he did this every morning: Watch the ‘Picture Pages’ segment of Captain Kangaroo while listening to Jethro Tull.

  4. Felix Lorn says:

    …I caught up.
    Heh, like half your commenters are in the comic. Do they know you in RL or something?

  5. Renold says:

    @Felix: We do, as a matter of fact. Most of the characters in the comics are based off people Jenny knew during college, with all their various quirks. Some are more universal (“invisible roommates”, unintelligible technobabble, mutant squirrels, etc), others are more specific to our circle of friends, or to our college (LARPing/cosplaying, The Ratio, etc).

    I think she does a great job of making the comic entertaining without needing to know all the subtle in-jokes, though.

  6. senrath says:

    I’d say she does too, as I don’t know the in-jokes, and I still regularly check this comic.

  7. Felix Lorn says:

    Ah, i thought that was it. XD
    Cool. I’m going to keep reading. You have made the… short…. (Hehehe… not really) list of comics i read. XD
    Twenty six. XD

  8. Renold says:

    That is short. My list has 45 webcomics, (not to mention a few more that have finished or are on indefinite hiatus). I’m thinking about weeding out the story-arc comics and reading those in chunks when I have downtime, rather than reading daily updates, cause it generally takes me over an hour each morning to get through comics and other websites I visit daily… >.>;

  9. Felix Lorn says:

    45? Show off. XD
    Of course, i also have a Fanfiction.net account with over two hundred stories alerted to e-mail me whenever they’re updated.

  10. werekitty13 says:

    I don’t keep track. I have an account on two services that keep track of which ones have updated most recently (TheWebcomicList and Smack Jeeves.)