152 – Guitar Get

152 – Guitar Get

Kali’s just hardcore about everything. (That, or I really wanted to draw floating facepaint.)

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  1. Myra's bored in lab says:

    She should TOTALLY be the Phantom for Halloween….

    just a floating mask!

  2. Enzeru Kagai says:

    Frickin’ Spooky yet funny XD

  3. Renold says:

    She needs a twin, then they could dress up as the comedy/tragedy masks.

  4. Jenny says:

    Can anyone think of an easier guitar player than Ace Frehley to portray while invisible? (Guess this isn’t the crowd for KISS references, hehe.)

    Slash, I suppose… though he always looked to me like Howard Stern in a top hat.

    ALSO! I already know what Kali’s going as for Halloween. It’s good. You’ll love it. I promise.

  5. dr pepper says:

    Yeah, he sort of does.

    Puffy hair for David Lee Roth?

    Shimmery purple jacket for Prince?

    Necklace and leather wristbands for Joan Jett?

    Craggy wrinkles for Keith Richards?

    Headband and flag for Jimi Hendricks?

  6. Freak says:

    “Can anyone think of an easier guitar player than Ace Frehley to portray while invisible?”

    Roy wood, no contest.

  7. Baughbe says:

    Now that you posed the question, I have a half-remembered out-of-focus picture of a guitarist running around in the back of my mind. This is going to drive me crazy. Oops, already there. Meanwhile, why not go in a different direction and dress up as H R Puffinstuff? Scare all the kids….

  8. werekitty says:

    Why doesn’t Kali go for the gothic look, paint white all over herself, dye her hair black, and wear visible black clothes? The only missing part would be eyes.

    …But a floating face is easier to draw.

  9. Mindboggled says:

    Guys. Srsly. It’s not goth, it’s KISS. http://bit.ly/3P3A2u Guy on the left. Makeup look familiar? Yeah. That’s who Kali’s playing.

    Also, Kali’s clothes are all invisible. She borrowed the Santa hat from Penny.

  10. mnementh says:

    Or you could do Purple tophat/granny glasses for Tom Petty… or that hideous red jacket for David lee Roth… or a bobbed pink wig for… Pink… or…

    Wait. I’m straight, married with 2 kids. This way lies madness, or at least some disturbing images for my family. I’ll be toddling off now…


  11. bob says:

    Nobody wants to be Ace Frehley, not even Ace Frehley.