153 – Effective Lollipop Use

153 – Effective Lollipop Use

People tend to pick up quick ways to fix whatever continuously needs fixing in their lives, occasionally with tools you wouldn’t expect.

I love engineers and those that hang out with engineers.

(Also, this is for all those who didn’t catch the KISS reference the first time around.)

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  1. SporkTastic says:

    But we love the Spaceman! 😉

  2. E.L. says:

    I wonder how long it will take for her makeup to invisibilise like her dyed hair did.

  3. Renold says:

    I had a dream a couple nights ago that my tongue was crazy-long. I wanted to see how long it was, so I looked in a mirror, BUT I COULDN’T SEE IT. My dream-tongue was obviously a vampire.

  4. Myra IdeaDance says:

    Follow-up to Monday’s comic….

    an easy guitarist to draw is Bucket Head. Fo rizzle. Just draw a floating KFC bucket.

  5. AsmariaMoon says:

    Gene Simmons is fricking awesome!