165 – Un(Logic and Reason)

165 – Un(Logic and Reason)

Professors do unusual things sometimes. It… keeps life interesting?

On the plus side, Kali can utilize one of the benefits of being invisible in such circumstances.

New FTP on Sunday. Do it up.

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  1. Freak says:

    totally know where you’re coming from.
    I just stopped caring about my assignments and papers after my first research project.

  2. Andrew says:

    The third one of those happened to one of the classes I was in all the way back in my freshman year. On monday, the teacher, in an attempt to clarify a few questions we had all had about the project, explained a set of requirements and expectations that were wildly different than anything we had seen prior.

    The average grade on this final, 40% of the class, project was around a 25. It was so bad, that she decided to re-grade them all to give people more credit.

    Even after all of this, the class had to be curved so much that a 17% cumulative average was a D…

  3. jonas says:

    ugh i still go to normal school (danish so no highschool, middleschool etc 😛 just class 0 to 9 (1+ if u want to but i wont) and im at my 9th (last year yaaa!). I. HATE. this stuff.
    p.s i meant for the first window ;-D i hate assignments that just writing mindlessly(useing ur mind :P) on the pc or in hand.

  4. Al-Briaca says:

    Been there, had that. Worst one was the test emailed out the day before Thanks Giving break because classes were canceled due to snow. If there hadn’ been snow, it would have been an in class test.

  5. E.L. says:

    Huh… Not getting any of that yet. They told us all the assignment due dates for each of our modules at the very beginning of the year, saying we could give them in a week before the time mentioned, but if you’re even a second late, that’s it.

    Also, so far, all assignments have been pretty fair with huge gaps in between them… I’m beginning to think that Biomed is secretly a doss subject.

  6. Baughbe says:

    Hey, its great training for the real world. In my job (Data Entry and Analysis) I have to write monthly reports on information I’m not allowed direct access to. And what I report on determines whether we get millions of dollars from the government or not.

  7. L says:

    A friend of mine has a professor that asked everyone in the class to show up to his house for the final exam. When they did, the professor walked out in underwear, gave them the bird, and walked back in. My friend got a B+ on the exam. NO KIDDING.

  8. xero says:

    i totally had that first one in my last year at votech i would bust my ass to get it in on time and get a c everyone else would turn it in a week later and get A’s