170 – Butt-Dialing

170 – Butt-Dialing

Butt-dialed voicemails are some of the most interesting studies of human lifestyles. You hear some really cool stuff.

So guys! I’m currently figuring out my level of involvement in RPI’s Genericon this year. Due to circumstances beyond my control, it seems that Artist’s Alley isn’t exactly feasible, but I would still like to throw in my lot with the con somehow. I have two questions for you, my adored readers:

1. If I were to do something at Genericon (even if it were Artist’s Alley, as I’ve done in the past two Genericons), would you actually come to the con? I need real yays or nays here folks, not just “that would be cool and you should do it.” I’m kinda looking for a semi-reliable head count of possible real attendees. (If you’re unable to attend, that’s cool too and I still love you all.)

2. With the Alley out of the equation, I’m a little unprepared for ideas on what to do for the con. What would you guys want to see me do? I’m gonna take ideas brought up here to the con staff for consideration, so make ’em good!

I really do love this con. I consider it Enjuhneer’s home con. The staff puts their hearts into it every year. Having lived with most of the staff, I’ve seen a lot of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into this. It’s mindblowing how much they can do and still handle an RPI workload. Plus, the date is going to be rather special — it looks like Strip 200 is going to be on the first day of Genericon. Let’s make sure we can celebrate that landmark at the con!

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  1. J0eCool says:

    Well, I feel pretty safe in saying just “that would be cool and you should do it”, because I’m going to Genericon anyway. So, yay from my corner.
    As for ideas… Iunno, stuff?

  2. Jay says:

    I’ll be at genericon, you should totally do something! that said, I’ll be very unhelpful and have no actual ideas as to what.

  3. fic7i0n41 says:

    Hey, I just started reading your comic and am definitely amused. Reminds me of some of my own college experiences and friends…at RPI incidentally.

    1. Yes, I’ll be at Genericon anyway, helping Scott with the trivia panels and whatever else OPS wants me to do.

    2. You’re probably qualified to run a humorous panel about surviving as a girl at an (or the) engineering school. I’d attend as I’m sure it would be entertaining.

    3. Nothing says “celebration” like a midnight run to the Denny’s on Wolf Rd.

    Good luck deciding what to do.

    p.s. Clarkson Sucks!

  4. Ewan says:

    I would come; and I would not otherwise, so that would be one definite in the ‘plus’ column 🙂

  5. L says:

    I would come, but I live to far away. Good luck though, I wish I could be there.

  6. Frosty says:

    Does anyone else see the implausibility of dudes rushing to watch Penny poke Kali? After all, it would mostly look like she’d be poking air. Just a thought. XD

  7. anonymous says:

    Dudes> “Dude, she’s poking under the floating Santa hat! Let’s go see what she finds… FOR SCIENCE!”


  8. Frosty says:

    I stand corrected.

  9. Joseph says:

    I personally wonder why people haven’t started running experiments on Kali to try and figure out why light passes through her (or if it’s warped around or something). Also, I doubt I’m the only one wondering how she can see without absorbing any light.

  10. Dan C says:

    //late reply
    I’ll definitely be at Genericon. Any showing of you at the ‘Con would be great… just make sure it’s advertised!
    As for ideas, any sort of panel sounds like lots of fun… whether about surviving the ‘Tute as a girl, or anecdotes from your time here, … even watching strip 200 being drawn 🙂