172 – Manic Blur

172 – Manic Blur

My end-of-semesters always sucked pretty bad but ended up okay after all was said and done. I’d have four or five final projects all due within the same two or three days, but after that, I’d have no finals. It was truly glorious after the project crunch, but oh dear me the crunch was awful.

Other majors tend to have final tests during our project time, and then stress out over their final exams too.

Then there’s Myra, who will stress over anything and everything.

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  1. Constance Myra Pipsqueak, PhD-to-be says:

    It’s true.


    Like today……. I was in lab until….and then I had to study…

    well nevermind, you know.

  2. Freak says:

    I have five hours! ^_^
    yay exam time!

  3. aj2x says:

    All of that timing of exams and projects is part of your training for the real world! You have to steel yourself from the wails of your office mates whose product specs have just changed AGAIN with no change in the due date, while your own development efforts have hit a dead end with the boss asking for completed drawings ASAP. Ah, engineering!

  4. Renold says:

    I have an exam on Monday.

    I’m done with college, and STILL have an exam during finals week. >.<

  5. Ganon11 says:

    Gotta say I loved your Poly comic this week. As a Comp. Sci. major, I can attest to the accuracy of at least the CS data plotted. I’ve been coasting through this semester except for 2 different points, where I made myself physically ill studying for exams.

    This RPI student approves! Keep up the great (and hilarious) work!

  6. L says:

    Nothing scares me but the dreaded EspaƱol exam! My calculator is of no help!

  7. Chris says:

    This time, I read ‘Myra’ as ‘My RA’ and was very confused.