18 – Well, That Was Fast

18 – Well, That Was Fast

Aww! Not even a full day on campus and Penny’s already attracted a boy. Wonder if this will work out… ?

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  1. MrGBH says:

    Funny story. One of the companies I have to call on a daily basis has looped songs on their hold music. One of those songs is Aerith’s theme.
    (And yes, I spelled her name with a TH. If Sephiroth can get away with it, so can Aerith).

  2. Joseph says:

    Speaking of geeky music, I Fight Dragons is a pretty cool chiptune/rock band.

    They modify NES controllers to give instructions to the sound card, meaning they play parts of their songs using /video game controllers/.

  3. Razmoudah says:

    @MrGBH: As the correct translation of her name is Aerith, not Aeris, I’d actually be complaining if you did it differently. If you don’t believe me about the spelling, everything else released in that setting in the states has spelled her name as Aerith, even the games where she’s had a cameo role (such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Kingdom Hearts).