19 – Nerd Cred

19 – Nerd Cred

Understatement of the Year: Penny is a wee bit of a geek. She’s damn proud of it, too. As she should be.

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  1. Kaitlyn-Geek cubed says:

    POWER TO THE GEEKS!!!!! geek cred is betta than street cred!!!!! *raises fist in air* woo hoo!!!!

  2. Kaitlyn-Geek cubed says:

    aaaaaaaw their sooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!! *fangirl squeal*

  3. Kaitlyn-Geek cubed says:


  4. Trauts says:

    Hey, I know what LARPing means! (Yes, I’m that much of a geek)

    Live Action Role Playing, right?

  5. TheDeepDark says:

    Okay, but I have an honest question. Who among us just states stuff like that outright? I was floored to discover someone I’ve known for ‘years’ is into Firefly, but neither of us knew that about the other. How does this stuff come out?

  6. 00Davo says:

    Firefly is “cool”? No. Firefly is the best gorram sci-fi series ever.

  7. Cees says:

    LOOOOOOOVE D&D!!!! Also like WoW…… and I’m like, 14……

  8. Cees says:

    Oh! Also, I like Star Trek AND Star Wars, but only the original 3

  9. Nancy says:

    I love Doctor Who too! Also, I’m such a nerd, once my mom asked me to go downstairs to bring up the girl scout cookies, and I said Potassium. A.K.A K in the periodic table. LOL.

  10. Hobbes says:

    This is the sort of thing that turns me cynical; last girl I met who was like this turned out to be 14 years old and a lesbian, to boot. XD