202 – Swearing Tiger, Heckling Dragon

202 – Swearing Tiger, Heckling Dragon

On top of that, apparently the pronunciation on Firefly is atrocious too. Oh well. It’s still some of the best damn TV ever made.

Also: putting this up with four minutes to spare, even after the silly bus managed to be an hour late! Who rocks? I rock. Awww yeah.

Did you see the FTP this week? There’s a new one on Sunday, so check it out before it disappears! As always, it’s behind the TWC vote link.

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  1. Styg says:

    Heh. I live in a bilingual country and run across it all the time: “YOU’RE PRONOUNCING IT WRONG! YOU CAN’T SPEAK WELSH IN AN ENGLISH ACCENT!” Yet it’s okay for you to speak English in a Welsh accent? Srsly. Better that people pronounce things wrong than never attempt to speak another language at all.

  2. Renold says:


  3. Baughbe says:

    Then I guess Star Trek isn’t the best way to learn Klingon.

  4. Dromeda says:

    Also, “Gung hey fat choi” is Cantonese. You want to be understood by most Chinese, it’s “Xi Nian Kuai Le”.

  5. Lee Johnson says:

    Just started reading your comic a few weeks ago, and my enjoyment of it has overflowed to the point to the point where i must show my appreciation for it!
    Thank you very much for the entertainment you create

  6. Atreus says:

    Huzzah! I’ve now caught up to the latest comic 😀 Yes, the same atreus who sent that wall of text to you on Twitter >.> I read through your entire archives between yesterday and today! I wholeheartedly enjoyed them. Really interesting to go through the archives and see how your art skills improved and changed as the strip went on.

    Here’s looking forward to more!

  7. mnementh says:

    Allright… I’ll forgive you for the whole not cellular peptide cake thing there, fellow browncoat.

    I aim to misbehave…

  8. Jay Walker says:

    Every time I hear the Chinese in Firefly it takes me a second to realize that their not just saying gibberish in English and are in fact speaking a language that I can generally understand.

  9. corvuscorone68 says:

    of course, the Chinese in Firefly may be unfamiliar due to it being set several years in the future and the language having evolved and all that

  10. Elvennations says:

    That’s worthy of a no-prize