203 – We’re Not Alone

203 – We’re Not Alone

When I first learned of conventions, I was so wicked psyched. There were MORE of me! I wasn’t the only one! And they get together and socialize and have fun!

… And then I waited four years to find someone to go with me.

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  1. Felix says:

    Heh. I got to go soon after finding out about one. ^_^

  2. aj2x says:

    Hey, I didn’t go to a comics convention until I was in my late 50s! However, I DID go to a bunch of Ham Radio conventions from Junior High to the present day. I guess that’s nerdy enough.

  3. I didn’t discover fandom and cons until I was in college — i think some folks from my sf group in high school aranged outings somewhere (maybe to Icon), but it didn’t occur to me that it could be fun until I got involved in local fandom.

  4. Baughbe says:

    9th grade doing a walk-a-thon that ended in the middle of the local university campus- right smack dab in the middle of a convention. Met David Gerrold, bought a tribble (which was later eviscerated by a cat), and had a great time. Best walk-a-thon ever.

  5. Renold says:

    And since Jenny didn’t say it, I will:

    Don’t forget to vote to see this week’s Enjuhneer FTP!

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  6. Noktelfa says:

    I first started hearing about Star Trek cons when I was a teenager, but to this day the only convention I’ve ever made it to was an Offshore Technology Convention when I was 12, and that wasn’t nearly fun, and had not a single celebrity guest speaker. My life sounds sad, when I talk about it. That’s why I try not to.

  7. Jinx says:

    Strangely, that’s how I feel every year when walking around Genericon. Maybe that’s why I do staff. One of these days I need to go to another con, though.

  8. wandering-dreamer says:

    I was COMPLETELY pumped after finding out about cons but it still took another 2 and a half years to track one down in my state and find out early enough that I could make plans to go. Every geek/nerd/what have you should go to at least one in their life period.

  9. TDStranger says:

    I go to completely different kind of cons. Less publicity, smaller size, different kind of geekness, no one under 18, more approachable girls. I like mine a lot more. Not for everyone though. Whatever your thing is you should go to a con for it. Ham radio, comics, anime, cars, “alternative lifestyle”, anything, there is a con for it. Find one. Go to it at least once in your life.

  10. Saria says:

    I was nine.
    I got free pocky. x3

  11. realAniram says:

    I was totally dumbfounded when I first read this and the companion comic… And then I realized that was because my parents owned a comic book store and took me to conventions when I was a baby and got free stuff because of me.

    …I really wish they still owned that store. :[

  12. mnementh says:

    I ALMOST went to a Trek Con when I was a teenager… then my (much too pretty for me, but b@tsh!t crazy) girlfriend demanded in the parking lot that I wear THE EARS. I hitch-hiked home. Three months later, we broke up.

    Life is like that.

    Years later I met my wife in the Farscape chat. We went to the cons. Then we went to ScaperCon and actually MET our friends…

    mnem<~~~ Proud member of the ScapeSpeare opera troupe~~~<<<