204 – Missed Opportunity

204 – Missed Opportunity

Mom> Hey, I saw Spock in the paper and thought you’d like to see!

Report> Leonard Nimoy appeared as Guest of Honor at (insert convention that’s about twenty minutes from my home)

Me> ::CRY::

I love you, Mommy. <3

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  1. [Student name here] says:

    Aww! (True story?)
    I could have sworn I saw Robert Picardo in an airport once. My dad told me to go up and ask. I was terrified (I was around 8). And, now I’ve always wondered . . .

  2. Baughbe says:

    Oh, man, thats a bummer. Still the most impressive person I’ve ever met at a convention wasn’t an actor, but an actual astronaut. It was even more impressive as they had a ‘celebrity baseball’ game at the end and guess who was the only person active and agile enough to steal a base and slide into home, while in their 70’s? Space, those guys got game.

  3. Baughbe says:

    Oh, I forgot, an Apollo astronaut, not a shuttle astronaut.

  4. Smee says:

    Zenkaikon is within walking distance from my house and I NEVER KNEW until I was leaving for RPI.

  5. Noktelfa says:

    Spock was my favorite TOS character (although Khan was the sexiest), but my all-time most favoritest Star Trek character is Data. If I could choose to meet any cast member, it would be Brent Spiner. Of course, none of them would come anywhere near my house…