206 – Still Gaming

206 – Still Gaming

Hey look, I didn’t forget about Pete! Did you?

Don’t forget to check out the TWC vote incentive. It’s the first of the month today! Your votes = raise my rating = more people can find Enjuhneer! Plus, you get the awesomeness that is FTP in return!

I got invited to a couple of conventions! Does this mean that my insidious plan to take over the world — I mean, ::cough:: my slow and steady plan to eventually be an at least semi-successful webcomic artist — is really working? I can’t help but be excited about stuff like this.

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  1. Dragonson says:

    Heh. My lil brother (9 years) plays chrono trigger.
    He’d currently be beating that guy to death with a shovel.
    Don’t touch my brother’s games. O.ô