207 – Con Rivalry

207 – Con Rivalry

Is that meta enough for you guys yet, or did I top that with the comic appearing in the newspaper that’s in the comic?


Question of the Day: Is Enjuhneer large enough yet to justify an Artist’s Alley table at Connecticon (roughly 9,000 attendees)? I’ve done two Alleys at Genericon (roughly 300ish I think?) but those weren’t exactly shining successes. so I’m hesitant to throw a lot of money at something that may not be worth it at the comic’s current size. I want Enjuhneer to grow naturally, but I also don’t want to overstep my bounds and stuff.

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  1. aj2x says:

    You have two competing statements there: “I want Enjuhneer to grow naturally” and “I’m hesitant to throw a lot of money at something “. Money is fertilizer when you’re trying to grow an enterprise. Of course you have to feel comfortable with whatever your promotional budget is and decide if the cost of a table at Connecticon is worth the number of eyeballs that will be exposed to your comic.
    Business may be harder than engineering, since the data is usually so much squishier.

  2. Jenn says:

    Connecticon is about 6500-7000 and Genericon is definitely much, much higher than 300. Connecticon is probably a good next step in terms of convention size/exposure. And location you can’t beat 🙂

  3. Frosty says:

    Oh, I hate to put this on you all, but I need to say one thing.

    With all those different things coming into play, one might say this isn’t a very specific con…


    >.> And now I flee the masses who come to scream at my pun or yell at me because its been done.

  4. [Student name here] says:

    There will definitely be good exposure; I know I visited a lot of folks whose website I hadn’t heard of before. Have you looked at all into sharing a table with someone else? Example, Angela Melick of Wasted Talent (www.wastedtalent.ca), another engineering* comic?

    *it may humor you to know I in fact spelled out “enjuhneer”, and realized I had to go back and fix it here =)