212 – The Myra Effect

212 – The Myra Effect

Penny doesn’t really focus on gender (except when prompted, mainly by Lyta). Since people have such varying body types anyway, having different anatomical features just doesn’t faze her.

Though it is rather cute to see how the people you meet in school have such an effect on your own mannerisms. Real Life Example: without conscious effort, I ended up adopting an odd accent that mixed elements of Bostonian, Australian, and Long Islander within my first month on campus. *That* got interesting fast.

Since there’s no FTP this week for the TWC Vote link, I’ve instead put up a photo from the EMAC/EART show last May of my convention table installation. Yeah, I put a con table for Enjuhneer in the middle of an art gallery. How cool is that?!

Discussion (11)¬

  1. Joseph says:

    That’s another phrase you probably shouldn’t yell, or even say out loud.

    Oh, well. At least the score’s tied: Julian – 1, Penny – 1.

  2. Dan says:

    You should try living in another country for a while. Every time I go to Britain I end up having someone tell me to stop mocking them a week in. I don’t even realize what I’m doing. Can be rather embarrassing

  3. Noktelfa says:

    I spent six weeks in Thailand. When I got back, I was shocked and saddened to find that none of my friends wanted rice with their breakfast. I couldn’t imagine scrambled eggs and toast with no rice. Even restaurants didn’t have it on the menu.

    And, on a side note, I’ve noticed that men seem to notice gender a lot more than women. That is, when I work on a project with someone, I look at qualifications and possible personality conflicts. All he seems to look at is my cleavage.

    Generally speaking, of course.

  4. wandering-dreamer says:

    Lol, I think my friends and I have all done this at one point or another.

  5. FortMax says:

    Meanwhile, I keep getting asked if I’m from the UK (or alternatively, Australia) because of this alleged accent I have, despite having lived in a Dallas, TX suburb my whole life, having been in the UK for all of one week, and never setting foot in Australia.

    (I just blame the supposed British accent on having watched a bunch of Monty Python as a kid)

  6. Baughbe says:

    There is something contagious about the British accent. My brother once spent 2 hours in London on a flight layover. Never left the plane. Came home with an accent that didn’t go away for 6 months.

  7. Styg says:

    There’s no such thing as a British accent :/ There’s a London accent, a Manchester accent, a Glasgow accent, a Birmingham accent… &c.

  8. Sio says:

    *headdesk* Faze, dang it, FAZE…not phase…phase is something a frequency has…faze is something that happens to someone when you subject them to an emotional shock…*crying at the long, lingering death of language as we know it…*

  9. Jenny says:

    … Can’t believe I did that. Fixed. Thank you Sio!

  10. mnementh says:

    Dude. ette. This happened to me my first week at my FIRST round of college.

    Thank you for stirring up those old memories… now I need to go try and find out what happened to Judy H, the one voice of sanity in my life for nearly 5 years…

    Entropy is a b!tch. And she has puppies.

  11. TixComix says:

    Fish don’t really pay attention to the water either. You don’t notice what you swim in. I swim in guys so I’m unlikely to be thinking about their weenies. It’s more like, get out of my way so I can get to the guy with the big brain. Sorry guys, that’s just how it is.