214 – Smooth

214 – Smooth


Yeah, that’s all I got on that.

New FTP on Sunday behind the vote link! If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the current vote incentive to see a pic of my “art installation/performance art piece” (re: me playing a webcomic artist at my own convention table, at an art show) that happened last May. Check it out!

Discussion (7)¬

  1. Myra Asks for Pickles says:

    see? the boys understand…. <3

    also mass effect gives +3 to calmness. I recommend it.

  2. Renold says:


  3. L says:

    There really needs to be more geeky girls at my school…

  4. Yuriy says:

    My school need geeks… at all.

  5. Locke says:

    The world needs more geeky/nerdy women, period. I personally feel that these type of women are far hotter than models of any kind.

  6. mnementh says:

    Geekettes RULE!

    I love a woman who can beat me at chess and beat me to the corner… as long as she doesn’t beat me with a frying pan, it’s all good.

    I can be bribed with pizza.

  7. Geeks are the best friends you can hope for. They are more understanding and (mostly) tolerant of your odd quirks and mannerisms than most others, mostly because they are are likely just as quirky as you, especially if you, like me, are a geek.

    Also, in agreement with Locke, I present this link to another good webcomic that explains another reason why geek girls are better than any other.