218 – Context Clues

218 – Context Clues

So a religious figure, a giant rabbit, and a girl wearing an “I’m Invisible” headband walk out of a LARP…

Some of the best quotes I’ve ever heard come directly out of post-LARP discussion.

(EDIT: I’m dumb and put the wrong time on this update. Sorry it’s 20 minutes late!)

Discussion (6)¬

  1. Chris says:

    Woo my quote gets used! Boo that I still didn’t make it into your comic. 🙂

    *shakes a fist in Steve’s general direction for foiling this particular plan by being nosy*

  2. L says:

    My favorite one from my LARP was: “You mean he won because he carried a dead trout for 3 years as a pet?!?”
    Most random way of winning ever.

  3. werekitty says:

    Woot, the rabbit is back!

  4. Domo says:

    The best part about ‘that guy’ who gets cast as a Christian religious leader in every game: He’s actually Jewish

  5. Mali says:

    He’s also my old suitemate. Do you know how funny it is having the one Jew (who was studying Christianity) help prep the other Jew to play yet another priest?