222 – Being A Girl

222 – Being A Girl

First of a two-part look into what our favorite girls think about their gender.

I’m totally LARPed out right now. Ohhhh man, it was an *awesome* weekend!

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  1. Baughbe says:

    You also have the most beautiful green eyes…

  2. Noktelfa says:

    I STILL think it’s the man’s job to squash bugs. And I won’t turn down help when moving heavy things in my office. But yeah, we’re all equal, and stuff. 😀

  3. i want some of this images

  4. my, my miss american myra says:

    Oooh! Re: the previous comment, you could have icons available!! do it doit!!

  5. Styg says:

    Perhaps ironically, I’m always bemused by women who make a big deal of being equal because it’s such a non-issue to me. I treat women the same as I treat men, and the idea that I wouldn’t always comes as something of a surprise. But then, being a man, I have to deal with less gender discrimination in my day to day life, so I know my reaction is unhelpful.

  6. L says:

    Most guys I know (including myself), are not sexist at all.
    Penny Lol

  7. Cees says:

    Lol for Penny’s reaction. I wanna make that my new screensaver!

  8. hueloovoo says:

    Best way to see clearly how equal the sexes are? Cross the line. I never really paid much attention to the differences between men and women as far as equality, until I started transitioning. Then things became rather more obvious.

  9. DaveR says:

    i was once told i was being sexist because i was treating a girl just like i would treat a guy…