226 – Date In A Box

226 – Date In A Box

This actually happened.

That’s all I have on that.

In other news, the April Donation Drive ends not this Friday, but next. If you haven’t got on that yet, you might wanna. Read below for the details.

Discussion (10)¬

  1. Chris says:

    Okay, that’s geeky and adorable. Nicely done.

  2. Skt_Thomas says:

    That is an AWESOME idea!

  3. Freak says:

    There . . . Now all I need is a good 5 minute uninterrupted sample of rain, and I’ll have a one-click script to do this for me.

    What ELSE should I add, though . .?

  4. Renold says:

    Freak – You should set it up to loop five times, then screech very loudly. “Screamer videos: now in ‘romantic dinner’ flavor!”

  5. KeepingtheSecret says:

    you guys are so cute! ^3^

  6. L says:

    That is just plain awsome!

  7. Noktelfa says:

    It’s better than my last date… Mexican food in a crowded restaurant, 45 minutes later I find out he’s married and looking for a “hobby”.

  8. Freak says:

    @Renold: Only if they put in the password wrong. I’ll call it a “security feature”.

    (In other words, you’ve successfully appealed to the evil in me)

  9. Cees says:

    You know, this may be a little late, but what happened to the first guy crushing on Penny?

  10. Jenny says:

    He just kinda disappeared. People do that in college. It’s weird.