232 – Suddenly, Weather!

232 – Suddenly, Weather!

So there was this ridiculous hail/thunderstorm today that managed to not be there at 2:56, but was when I got out of work at 3pm. When I got back to my apartment, it stopped.

I felt like I had fallen in a swimming pool. And then was pelted by pennies.

Thankfully, it inspired a comic. I’ll call it a win overall.

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  1. Agentomega says:

    I totally summoned the hail… Walked out of Ricketts (didn’t have a jacket or umbrella), and it was only pouring at the time. Felt kinda decent, so I threw up my arms and shouted to the heavens: “Bring it!” Next think I knew, the hail was coming down…

  2. J0eCool says:

    Class got out an hour early at three. Sweet!
    Torrential rain. Not so sweet.

    Seriously, I grabbed an umbrella but it was raining sideways and I got soaked anyway. >.<

  3. vogerl says:

    now that I’m thinking… She must be naked to be fully invisible, as clothing on her can still be seen…

  4. Baughbe says:

    I think it depends on the clothing. Remember the election buttons started to fade in time. The Santa Hat may possess special properties, or she bought a case. Personally I’m going with special properties. After all it’s a SANTA hat. And Santa is the coolest.

  5. wandering-dreamer says:

    Heh, I forgot to bring an umbrella or boot with me to college at first and this was the wettest fall on record so I got soaked plenty of times. Nothing like coming back to the dorm room smelling like wet laundry….

  6. Anonymous says:

    The fire alarm went off in the library during the downpour, complete with thunder. Nothing like a whole library full of people stuck in a downpour.

  7. L says:

    She mentions in an earlier strip that her clothes are invisible too.

  8. werekitty13 says:

    That link is: http://www.enjuhneer.com/archives/32-much-to-petes-chagrin
    Also, if you were pummeled by pennies, that would hurt. But it would also be income. Time to break out the titanium umbrella you bought years ago and never used since! Let’s catch our money!

  9. Anonymous says:

    The hail came before the rain, so Agentomega had nothing to do with it, unless you’re counting the trees blowing and some very light drizzling as “rain,” especially compared to what came after it.

  10. Agentomega says:

    Nah, hail came after the rain where I was… Totally summoned it.

  11. Joseph says:

    When I headed out for my first class, I took my raincoat because it had been raining. It was clear when I left, though, and I wondered if it had been necessary to bring my coat at all.

    About 30 seconds later, I started to feel/see the first few drops of rain. Around 20 seconds after that, it was pouring. It was literally the fastest I have ever seen the weather go from not raining at all to full-fledged rainstorm.

    At that point, I decided it was a good thing that I’d brought my raincoat. I do have an umbrella in my backpack, but as J0eCool said, it was raining at an angle, and the umbrella wouldn’t have been enough.

  12. Kaity Rose says:

    At least Cali dosent have to worry about people not seeing her in the rain and hale…

  13. FreeFlier says:

    I’ve seen rain come on like a wall sweeping up the street . . .

    Kind of neat, actually!