239 – Who’s Got Talent

239 – Who’s Got Talent

Penny ain’t bad at what she does.

Also, yeah, I drew that a couple years ago. It actually is a self portrait (though the original has a cartoony drawing of me on the paper). More proof that I can draw non-cartoony stuff!

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  1. Joseph says:

    Nice self portrait.

    More to the point, nice idea for a self portrait.

  2. Baughbe says:

    Great idea for a self portrait. Love the wood grain detail of the table. Now that took patience.

  3. Dragonson says:

    That’s what them teacher’s love!

    Atleast those of them that want to teach. :/

  4. Random Commenter says:

    Holy cow! Penny’s left-handed! Or did we know that already?

  5. TheLadyG says:

    Reminds me of my Great-Grandmother’s nude self portrait, where she just painted her clothes all over the floor.

    The drawn hands look brilliant, by the way, and they are so hard to draw.


  6. anon says:

    we knew that through a simple proof:

    1. All awesome people are left handed
    2. Penny is awesome
    Therefore: Penny is left handed

  7. Joseph says:

    anon: Actually, premise 1 is demonstrably false – Isaac Asimov was not left-handed.

  8. Random Commenter says:

    Also, Inigo Mentoya is not left-handed.

  9. littlebeast says:

    Not recursive? Ah well.