247 – What’s My Game Again

247 – What’s My Game Again

… And I kinda wanna play that game now. Games Majors: Receive Thy Challenge.

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  1. mneme says:

    Heh. That’s terrible.

    Settlers, Carc, ?(Agricola? But that’s grain, not corn in American English), Agricola, Power Grid, ?, Carc, Richochet Robot or Robo Rally, Pieces? But Power Grid & Modern Art or Hook or by Crook, Settlers or Civilization, 7 Wonders? Or Parthenon, Lord of the Rings, Go, Space Alert, Galaxy Trucker, Battlestar, Arkham Horror, Cash & Guns, ?, lots of imported games.

  2. Smee says:

    Helen Keller challenges you to Sim City 6 (in which you trade wood, place tiles, harvest corn, prevent Sims from making bread, power cities, place meeples, bid on art and power plants, build cities, and build world wonders.)

    After you beat her (…) she gives you a stone ring and a business card and tells you to take it to Mt. Doom, which is a bar. The bouncer won’t let you in until you show him the card and tell him, “Helen Keller sent me,” at which point, he pities you. In the bar, there is a bartender, a guy playing cards, and an Atari hooked up to a TV. You can try to play the Atari, but there’s a fitting missing that’s the shape of the ring that Helen Keller gave you. So you put the stone ring into the Atari and play Asteroids. Once you lose (by wrecking the spaceship), the bartender also pities you, and gives you a foam gun, saying “It’s dangerous [for a loser like you] out there. Here, take this!” and disappears.

    You go over to the man playing cards and start playing poker or something with him. You try to outwit him by drawing one and playing four, but he gets upset because you’re acting like an idiot. He won’t stop yelling until you threaten him with the foam gun, at which point he pities you and realizes that the reason Helen Keller was hanging around with you in the first place was because she likes having someone she can feel superior to.

    He gives you a tape recorder, which has a tape of instructions spoken in German. It tells you to go to a certain store to buy high-tech paint that paints your gun invisible. Then it tells you to go to Stonehenge, but the ground caves beneath you when you get there. So you fall down the hole (a rabbit breaks your fall) and discover a bunch of cylons trying to summon Cthulu with a summoning circle. So you shoot your invisible gun at them to move them out of place, which ruins the summoning and you save the day.
    But then a thing-in-a-jar turns the summoning circle into an alchemy circle and opens the door to the world so that it can kidnap god and then CLIFFHANGER.

    So yeah, careful what you wish for. It’s not Hannah Montana the Videro Game, but it’s still pretty messed up. 😛

  3. Harry says:

    This is so awesome I want to share it on Facebook, but I can’t get the comic image to come through.

    “Before I kill you, Mr. Bond, I want you to sign this confession of your own incompetence with your ordinary looking pen.”
    “What’s that sound? Ice cream!” Curses, he escaped, and set of the autodestruct sequence on his way out.

  4. Radylan says:

    Haha… Games are just no fun when everyone can read the rules.

  5. Lem_Gambino says:

    Whatever happened to good old Monopoly? 😛 This sounds like a board game version of Final Fantasy Tactics A2. Lol.

  6. Vogerl says:

    “Klaus Teuber will make you his bitch!” 😀

  7. Baughbe says:

    That’s the game you end up playing at 4am Sunday morning of the convention. I know.

  8. CyberSkull says:

    Now roll that all up into a medieval zombie shooter RPG video game and I’m sold.

  9. Freak says:

    I can make this game. I have all the relevant boardgames.
    The hardest part would be deciding what the goals you can pick up from the Fluxx part of it would be.

  10. L says:


  11. Anonymous says:

    Yay Settlers! At my place we have a house rule declaring that whoever won last gets to decide how we pronounce “Catan”. Right now it’s “Settlers of Satan”

  12. Amdrew says:

    @mneme – the last one on the list is Apples to Apples….

    and the other one is fluxx. Which, you know, you really should know.

  13. Strider says:

    Fluxx. I love fluxx! I’ve seen it won in two plays and I’ve seen it go on for 20 minutes.

    Make Love Not War