249 – Agricola

249 – Agricola

So I played Agricola for the first time at last week’s Games Club. I… might wanna actually finish a game at some point in the future. (We had to call it due to the Union closing.)

Thanks to IRL Julian for helping me put the game together!

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  1. Freak says:

    It’s a fun game once you know how to play.
    With the right occupations and minor improvements, it’s more than possible to far exceed the points you can get from the stuff on the score card. My top game is 146, where I had some amazing resource collection occupations, and high point minor improvement cards, (I got 28 points from the tavern alone).

    Nevertheless, if you make it above 25 points on your first game, you’re doing pretty damn good. (Most game averages will come to about 40 points)

  2. Lem_Gambino says:

    It’s like Catan on steroids. @_@

  3. Jay Walker says:

    Is there a board game group in Troy during the summer?

  4. Jenny says:

    @Jay Walker:

    Sorry this is late, I only just noticed this comment. Yes, there’s a smaller subsection of Games Club that sticks around during the summer. It meets on Saturdays in the Shellnut Gallery from noon til whenever they get kicked out (as it does during the school year).

  5. Joseph says:

    I’ll have to start showing up for games club in the future.