25 Expressions (A)

25 Expressions (A)

I found this a while back when Bunny Comic did it, and I finally got around to trying it out. You guys get FIVE UPDATES this week, each day five new expressions! Woo!

At the end of the week I’ll put all five together and release it as… something… I haven’t figured that part out yet. Been too busy enjoying the vector art and face practice. a poster PDF, available via donation starting Saturday!

Is there another Enjuhneer character you’d like to see me do this with at a later date? Tell me!

EDIT: Forgot to tell you guys that I moved the Links off the sidebar and to their own page. Also just added two links: White Rose and Finder’s Keepers. Met both artists at Connecticon and both are wicked cool. Show the new comics some love!

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  1. Renold says:

    25 Expressions: Kali Edition
    Easiest week EVAR!

  2. Renold says:

    Slightly more serious: maybe take a week out every few months and draw 25 faces for another character. It’d be good practice for finding the subtle differences in personalities of the characters (ie, how much more freaked out is Myra’s WTF? than everyone else’s? Or who has the best pout?)

    It’ll give you something slightly different to do, and doesn’t have to go at any specific time, or in any specific order, so if you just have a week of “I can’t think of funnies! D:” you can just fill it with whoever’s face you feel like drawing. 😀

  3. Chris says:

    I like Renold’s idea. Except for the Kali bit.

  4. Kataklysmos says:

    I always thought Angry involved fire in her eyes…

  5. Jenny says:

    “Fierce” and “Rage” appear later on, I decided not to overuse the flames.

  6. Myra Sarcastic says:

    Reynold’s just saying this cuz he has about five expressions total and it’d be easy for you to do.
    “=o! That’s reTARded!!”
    and extreme gaming.

  7. Renold says:

    Ah, but you forget, gaming can induce most of the other emotions in the 25.
    (Fun fact: all the negative emotions can be easily experienced by playing I Wanna Be The Guy)

  8. Nash says:

    I have to agree with Renold. I once wanted to be the guy, but it’s an awful lot of work.

  9. Renold says:

    I Am The Guy.

    On an entirely related subject, my “Triumph” face tends to be very similar to my “Passed out from binge gaming” face. 😀