25 Expressions (B)

25 Expressions (B)

Hope you remembered that I’m updating FIVE TIMES this week. 🙂 Here’s the second batch of expressions!

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  1. #div/0! says:

    Hey, just found your comic through stumble. I’m a practical engineer (read auto mechanic) love the comic 🙂 “WTF” is to true A+ for u!

  2. Myra Curious says:

    So I wanna know: are you making up the expressions, or do they come canned? like *must* you have Tired, Shocked, irritated, wtf, triumph? or could you have switched them out for like, annoyed, pensive, etc?

    tl;dr:::: are there set rules for what you hafta draw?

  3. Jenny says:

    ::sigh:: Read yesterday’s comic-blog, it’s all there. 😛

  4. Sarah says:

    Hi! Again.
    1) I am officially addicted to your comic.
    2) If you have not yet visited lefthandedtoons, do. I am on the blog and it is OH SO SOOPER EXCITING!!!!1!!!
    3) The triumph should totally be the “live long and prosper” sign. Just sayin’.