252 – I Void Warranties

252 – I Void Warranties

Wow, the commentary on Monday’s strip was awesome. Thanks for your input, guys! (Even you two in the flame war.)

I’m working on some super-special-awesome merch-type things that aren’t ready yet so I won’t reveal everything here. If plans work out well, though, I’ll be demoing one of them at Connecticon (July 9-11 in Hartford). I’m not going to be in Artist’s Alley or anything, I’ll just be walking around the con or hanging out at the Foam Brain Games table. If you’re going, you guys are more than welcome to come find me and hang out. Hope to see you guys there!

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Discussion (3)¬

  1. Dragonson says:

    The only true way to fix machinery is to break it even more.

  2. Baughbe says:

    Question, were you trying to take a self portrait?

  3. Raven Gold says:

    I really, REALLY want an EMPAC. Where can I get one?