262 – Catan

262 – Catan

I FINALLY played my first game of Catan. Seriously. The problem I’ve had with it is that nobody wants to play, ’cause they’ve all already played a million times and can tell who wins just from the starting board and turn order. (This is what happens when you play games with game designers.)

The cool thing about being a game newbie is that people will play games they’re sick of with you, simply for the chance to play with an unpredictable player. (This reminds me vaguely of Akira in Hikaru no Go playing that double blind match with the skilled player and the newbie, and he has a hard time following the newbie.) As such, I’m hoping to find more people willing to play Catan with a newbie. RPI GSAS’s, I’m looking at you.

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  1. Garfield says:

    I would play Catan with you anytime, but Alas!, wrong continent.

    The first time I played it must have been ’95 or ’96 in a youth camp. We were standing around the board with at least 10 people and giving not-so-helpfull hints to the players. Apart from that, we had the rules wrong in some serious ways.

    Anyway I still like to play it (with extensions, usually), so I wish you a bunch of willing players and a lot of fun!

  2. Strider says:

    Love Settlers. I should play again soon.

  3. Jay Walker says:

    Catan is awesome. If I ever get sick of catan because of playing too much I’ll be really disappointed in myself. Why play something until its no fun? I also have a bunch of friends who love playing catan still if you are interested.
    -Jay Walker

  4. Agentomega says:

    I’m no GSAS, but would rather enjoy picking up a new game… Change of pace, an’ all that.

  5. Strider says:

    Finally played again, taught my 7 yo daughter to play. (my son learned at about the same age, almost won then too.)

  6. Radylan says:

    I never even bother looking for people to play Catan with, because I figure nobody else would want to play. Throw something heavy at me if you’re ever looking for another player.

  7. MLE says:

    OMG, So, You totally made my day XD!

    So, Genericon ’11, aka this year’s Genericon, I was in the main hallway area with two of my friends at 5:00 am, because we’d decided to stay all the way through, but literally nothing was happening so we were just walking around. We decided to play a board game to pass three hours, until the meet-swap opened, just because we were at the point of exhaustion where we needed to do something silly in a completely serious manner. Yeah.

    Anyway, none of us had played it before, and even with the Instruction Guide AND Almanac, it still took us about a half an hour to set up. But it was so totally worth it, because the game was ridiculously fun. We played for about two and a half hours, straight. I won the first game, because I was a troll and inconveniently built my road straight across the board, to keep the others from doing…anything. I’m not even sure if we played it correctly XD.

    Afterward, we joined up with the rest of our gigantic group, and we tried to describe the game to them, but completely forgot the title of it. Then, today, I found your site’s card from my Genericon bag, that I’d picked up just because it was a card, and I decided to read through this. And I came to this strip, and literally freaked out once I saw what you were playing.

    I’m not good at telling stories XD. The summary is, you’re the best ever, and that game is so awesome.

  8. Razmoudah says:

    I can tell you what women had to do with sheep. She took the statement as meaning that they were horny for sheep.

  9. Chris says:

    You gotta check out World Boardgames Convention – 1,500 people of all levels of expertise, getting together in Lancaster, PA for a long week of playing as many different games as they can. We play just for the fun of it, and sometimes to pass the game bug to our kids.