264 – Flupocalypse

264 – Flupocalypse

The sniffles are coming! Run for your liiiiiiiiives!

Discussion (6)¬

  1. nick says:

    wow, not only does this perfectly describe the past two days, but it also reminded me of the dream I had while sick

  2. Daniel says:

    heh. At first glance I thought it was HvZ. I hope you don’t have it IRL.

  3. Paracelsus says:

    hell, I’m not even in the same continent, and I still caught the cold. In illness together!

  4. wandering-dreamer says:

    Lol, I actually got a ton less colds when I went to college (starting to wonder if I just had a bad case of allergies in high school) but I still raided the bathrooms for clean rolls of toilet paper on a regular basis. XD

  5. werekitty13 says:

    You have the cold? I’m SOOO sorry Penny! Not fun! At all!

  6. werekitty13 says:

    Oops. I meant Jenny. I’m sorry for Penny too, of course.