270 – She’s Still Learning

270 – She’s Still Learning

It’s kinda amazing how much StarCraft II sounds like Firefly minus the Whedon touch. The cinematics look impressive, though.

Also, how do they pee in those suits? Seriously. They’re like… welded in there.

In other news, I was *this close* to getting StarCraft 64 for the real Julian, just for the lulz, except that I’m the one with the N64, not him.

::goes back to watching IRL Julian play SCII::

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  1. Renold says:

    SC64 was actually the first RTS I ever played. I was a huge console fanboy at the time, but I eventually got it for the PC, loved it, and continued to be a console fanboy until I got TF2 a couple years ago. 😀

  2. Anonymous says:

    Space diapers.

  3. Agentomega says:

    Bahaha, Daikatana…

  4. Mirenheart says:

    Ugh, stayed up all night reading through the whole comic, plus some others. 😀

    Great comic, you just got another fan!

    From the Author and Artist of Mirenheart

  5. Mogymog says:

    The normal marines in SC2 aren’t wielded in. Raynor wears the marine suit and gets out of it all the time as do the others. Tycus is the only one thats permanently sealed in it as is shown in the intro movie, and thats explained why he is. So they pee like everyone else, cept when on the field, or being slaughtered by zerg, and im sure they have special systems that take care of that.