274 – Top Notch Writing

274 – Top Notch Writing

Based on an actual lab report.

Anyway, y’all should look at the post below here and leave me some comments re: merch stuff, plzkthx.

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  1. GX67 says:

    Heh, nice scientific conclusion.

    The sad thing is I have friends who write exactly like that on their labs…and some how pass.

  2. Renold says:

    And then they continue on to their Game Development class, where Myra gets to do the writeup.

  3. Myra Nukem Forever says:

    I’ll have YOU KNOW, Reynold, that I had a crash course in gamedev over the weekend. I can make sprites and explosions and enemies coming in on multiples of 30 frames when you press x and c.

  4. Noktelfa says:

    It vaguely reminds me of the answers a friend and I put on our final Electronics test in high school. They were so bad we were both ROFLing, but our teacher didn’t bother to read them. He gave us both perfect scores. 😀

  5. Agentomega says:

    Wow… That reminds me of the final CS2 homework writeup (or maybe it was the lab) about different data structures and lookup times and stuff… My friend wrote this awesome (as in completely hilarious) lab report which not only presented his findings in a semi-professional manner, but also featured humor with every single result. For instance: “Priority Queues were dropped at birth.”

  6. dr pepper says:

    Cute, but that would have been too much work. I did mark up my black and white speckled lab book cover with colored felt pens. Made it a lot easier to find in the return stack.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ha, Scott Pilgrim