282 – Labor Day

282 – Labor Day

Despite what the archive may tell you, Enjuhneer’s been around since August 2007. So, yeah, they’ve seen a lot of holidays in our time span. Penny’s not too fond of this calendar shifting. I blame the pocky.

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  1. Krista Pekarek says:

    Hey! At least you get Labor Day off!! Colorado School of Mines is against holidays! I totally still have school Monday!!!

  2. MrGBH says:

    Since I’m English I will require clarification on what this Labour day is. Is it like a Bank Holiday?

  3. Nick says:

    Wait, don’t you have to go past Groundhog day to go to Labor Day? So how can you have more Labor Day’s Than Groundhog Days? What the heck is in that Pocky?

  4. Silent says:

    Labor Day – where the folks of the USA take a day off to celebrate how many hours we labor – and it’s an excuse for government / bank holidays and some huge retail sales (back to school, fall fashion, ect)

  5. Student says:

    “Enjuhneer’s been around since August 2007.”

    Counting from August to August, Labor Day comes before Groundhog Day. So, they won’t have their fourth Groundhog Day til next February.

  6. werekitty13 says:

    Hey all you people who believe in rational laws of time and physics…

    Please be quiet. Tails likes messing around with people’s heads.

  7. Katabatac says:

    I was born on Labor Day, so I would have had 4 birthdays. Rock on the presents, suck on how old that would make me.

  8. Strider says:

    Back in MY day, we started after Labor day and didn’t have ANY days off until Thanksgiving. And we LIKED IT! (ok, not really, but that’s the way it was.)