283 – Applied Chem

283 – Applied Chem

There’s a great Questionable Content shirt that suits this perfectly.

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  1. Dragonson says:

    The sweet taste of geek, imeangreek food.
    Or chemistry, for that case.

  2. drmike says:

    Do they get labcoats?

  3. Dragonson says:

    It is commonly known that labcoats are a key ingredient in good food.

  4. Mark says:

    Yes, that’s a wonderful shirt for baking-geeks. A couple of girls from nearby Olin College of Engineering were selling baked goods at our local farmer’s market, and they were aware of the shirts (but weren’t wearing them, alas).

  5. Nick says:

    And they said what you learned in school wouldn’y help you in life.

  6. drmike says:

    So do they have stoves in the dorm common areas? I know when I was at UVM, very few of the dorm common areas had a stove that could take a sheet cake sized cake pan. Probably have to do the round ones.

  7. Domo says:

    That reminds me, I have the stuff with which one can make brownies, clearly I have a mission for the night

  8. Jenny says:

    There was a fully working kitchen in my freshman year dorm as well as the dorm in which I spent the rest of my time at RPI. I’m pretty certain the other freshman dorms at least had them while I was there, though I hear RPI’s phasing them out in favor of forcing everyone to get meal plans. If that’s true, it’s a shame. Dorm baking at stupid o’clock was so much fun!

  9. Domo says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, they can’t get rid of dorm kitchens. That would be terrible

  10. [Student name here] says:

    The Quad has kitchens for students to use, which was a lovely thing (I hardly used it, but was very thankful during those times I did!). However, living in the one downhill dorm that fancies itself on its fancy dining hall, I can say I’d rather have a kitchen here. Suppose that’s why people live in the other newest dorm. *sighs*

  11. Jay Walker says:

    The kitchens in Polytech Apartments are massive with stovetops, an oven and a fridge. Too bad if you cook anything too serious the overly sensitive fire alarm will go off.