290 – The Important Part

290 – The Important Part

Who cares about the pile of humanity on the floor? Civ V is way cooler.

(By the way, I need to get myself a copy of Civ V. I’m not addicted yet simply because I have yet to obtain it.)

Discussion (7)¬

  1. L says:

    I’ve always wondered, how many characters have IRL counterparts?

  2. Kali says:

    Pile of humanity… or lesbian orgy? THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW.

  3. Nick says:

    Nah, pile of humanity.

  4. randomthought says:

    gotta admit i’m also curious but if i had to guess at least 4 of the main characters have irl counterparts

  5. Dragonson says:

    As one person leaves Civ V, another must enter.
    Thus is the circle of eternal gaming.
    There can never be an empty space.

    Let us now bow ours heads in prayer, and take just one more turn.

  6. drmike says:

    All I’m hearing about Civ 5 is that it’s buggy. Anyone play it yet?

  7. Joseph says:

    From memory: Penny is the author avatar, Kali is a real-life “invisible” roommate, Lyta has a counterpart with a shirt saying something about feminism and women being people, Eirian is based on someone whom Jenny thanks for existing, Myra and Renold are real and occasionally post comments (as does Kali, actually). Julian also has a real-life counterpart, who didn’t actually get that many copies of SC2 (or SC64) for his birthday. Tails is loosely based on a real-life albino squirrel.

    Basically, WiredWolf is the only one without a real-life counterpart; she’s based on a number of unusual personality traits Jenny has seen, combined into one person and made more extreme.