292 – Paper Lungs 2

292 – Paper Lungs 2

This is based on what happened to my friend. People suck sometimes.

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  1. Domo says:

    Clearly this can only lead to one thing: Penny becomes a knight of vengeance who puts smokers into clever and ironic traps

  2. DMavs says:

    It’s isn’t so much a problem that people suck…..it’s that they blow. 😀

    If they would just keep all of that cigarette smoke in their own lungs, it wouldn’t be as bad for the rest of us.

  3. MrGBH says:

    What do you mean ‘sometimes’?

  4. Renold says:

    They should all just switch to chewing tobacco. It’ll do similar amounts of damage to their body without having any second-hand smoke. And hey, when their jaw falls off, they can just start playing zombie extras in movies! Everyone wins! 😀

  5. Harry says:

    I’m not quite this bad, but almost. Smoke makes me want to die.

  6. werekitty13 says:

    Are you kidding? COLOGNE IN THE HALLS makes me want to die.

  7. lake_wrangler says:

    It has been proven that people do not smoke: the cigarettes smoke, the people are just the suckers…