294 – Paper Lungs 3

294 – Paper Lungs 3

And the conclusion, for now. Tails is super effective!

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Discussion (8)¬

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hikaru sure has fallen a lot since becoming supreme Go master of the universe.

  2. Joseph says:

    Nice aim.

    That can’t be easy for him to reload…

  3. Noctem says:

    Somehow I knew Tails would end up involved.

  4. fangrider says:

    @joseph it doesnt have to be tails is so l33t that he loads it with his mind

  5. MrGBH says:

    It’s just a shame those balloons aren’t filled with a mild acid.

  6. drmike says:

    I was expecting Penny to met some cute intern in the Emergency room, they look into each other’s eyes, the love triangle begins….

  7. fangrider says:

    MrGBH “Mild” Acid??? how about “MEGA” Acid

  8. Domo says:

    I’m still waiting for an appearance from Martin Sheen