301 – LARP Report

301 – LARP Report

I suppose I can poke fun at my own comic features. 🙂

Enjuhneer IRL Report: Much like how many of my RPI readers came to me after a fire drill to let me know they momentarily thought the internet was down, I got several players asking me why a certain character in this LARP wasn’t in fact German. That’s ’cause the *real* character isn’t Nachthäschen, silly! 😛

If you have never played the weekend-long LARP “Masks: Super Heroes Have It Damned Tough,” you should find a group running it (or run it yourself!) and play.

I also want to thank Foam Brain Games for running it this past weekend, for letting me help run it, and for having run well over 200 LARPS in the last 6.5 years. You’re a fantastic organization, and I thank you so much for giving so many of us the chance to try something new and geeky to find out we like it. 🙂

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Discussion (2)¬

  1. RebelsDawn says:

    Love the comics please keep up the great work.

    Would you have any recommendations on the best way of going about making a gun-blade for a LARP? I got into a hunters game this past weekend but only have the hilt for one. Anyone who has suggestions please respond. I’d be very thankful for any advice.

  2. Domo says:

    Aww, I wanted to see the quotebook that got made for this game, especially after all the things Nyran said.