304 – A Girl’s Gotta Do

304 – A Girl’s Gotta Do

Sometimes the obvious costume is the best costume.

I was *this close* to costuming as Kali this year (despite Penny being the one closer to me) but I didn’t get everything I needed in time.

Yeah. Think about that one.

Hope you all had an awesome Halloween! What did you guys dress up as?

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  1. styg says:

    I… wow, I don’t think I get any of those costumes. I fail :'(

  2. Dennis says:

    My wife and I went as Captain Hammer and Penny, too. Glad that there are more Dr. Horrible fans doing this too.

  3. Domo says:

    I was Captain Hammer last year, this year I was Norman Bates

  4. Death by Chocolate says:

    I dressed up as Sho Minamimoto (from The World Ends with You) dressing up as Scott Pilgrim (from Scott Pilgrim vol. 6).

  5. featherbrain says:

    I went as a bonfire.

  6. Sarah says:

    Kaylee from firefly 😀
    Recycled cosplay costumes make halloween much less stressful

  7. L says:

    @Sarah: Awsome!
    I went as half white clothes that glow under black light, and half black clothes that don’t, and a friend did too. We hung a black light on a poch and had a mini-rave with the trick-or-treaters.

  8. Skt_Thomas says:

    @Death by Chocolate Zetta slow!!

  9. werekitty13 says:

    Man, I need to put my foxeh lady photo as my avvi now! And I bet when you said *this close* you were holding a forty-five foot pole.

  10. werekitty13 says:

    I bet when you said *this close* you were holding a forty-five foot pole.

  11. Silverflame says:

    Alexander anderson

  12. FoamBrain says:

    I wish I had been around for Halloween 🙁

  13. featherbrain says:

    @FoamBrain- I’m sorry. And we don’t even have masked ball parties anymore.

  14. Radylan says:

    The sickle is…