311 – Unicorns and Narwhals

311 – Unicorns and Narwhals

Surprise! Wednesday’s strip is brought to you by the awesometastic folks of RPI’s Graphic Storytelling class.

So yeah. Take Graphic Storytelling. It’s awesome, and the folks who take it win awesome points.

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Discussion (4)¬

  1. Frosty says:

    I feel like the Christmas leech on the far left is going to eat my soul. Christmas leeches, they haunt my nightmares like the horrible mutants and the hungry undead, except usually the Christmas leech is using her powers of invisible appendages to beat down mutants and the undead with the greatest of ease. No, Chrome, undead is too a word. Don’t you tell me otherwise.

    Oh, and hey, I was convinced because of this comic’s artist to apply to RPI. Way to go, Jenny!

  2. fangrider says:

    i will take my awesome points now.

  3. featherbrain says:

    narwhals and unicorns could totally have a war. Like merpeople and humans.

  4. Domo says:

    Deploying earworm: Narwhals Narwhals swimming in the ocean, causing a commotion because they are so awesome