344 – This Already?

344 – This Already?

I swear I caught a cold on my way to work this morning. I was fine leaving my house, and the right half of my face was leaking by the time I walked into work. What the crap.

The minimal art is because I’m not seeing so great out of my constantly leaking eye. I have a good story idea that will have to wait til I can see out both eyes again. Hopefully I will not be like this for Genericon next weekend.

BTW. Genericon next weekend! Are you coming? And tell me what buttons you guys want!

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  1. drmike says:

    Button Suggestion: Kali as Sailor Moon?

  2. vogerl says:

    bwahahaha, already semester? we got 1 month of semester holidays!
    Once again, Austria reigns supreme!
    … well, you can’t see me right now, but I’m totally shaking mah bootey to celebrate our awesomeness and the semester starting at 1.3.

  3. Wouser says:

    I am just recovering from my second cold in two weeks.

    Kind of annoying, actually. I feel Penny’s pain.

  4. Mirenheart says:

    My allergies make me feel like I have a cold 24/7, so I’m used to it. When I do get a cold, I’m still as productive as ever. Unfortunately, that’s not much.

  5. MrGBH says:

    I’ve got a genetic disorder called Gilbert’s Syndrome, which means my immune system is worthless.