353 – Slug Vs Slug

353 – Slug Vs Slug

So the students have told me that De-Icing Slug has returned to campus. Unfortunately I haven’t seen any evidence of this first-hand yet, but I *have* seen this weird green salt everywhere. Thus, De-Icing Slug v2.0!

Perhaps they will live in harmony.

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  1. The Cat says:

    Yes, as I wandered over campus, I could smell the strong scent of soy sauce, and began to feel the ground become sticky. I knew that the De-Icing Slug had returned.

  2. Radylan says:

    The new soy sauce doesn’t smell quite as delicious as the old stuff, but it still makes me hungry every time I smell it.

  3. Rancor says:

    This new stuff reminds me of a mixture of cow manure and soy sauce