357 – Kali the Art Troll

357 – Kali the Art Troll

I’m at PAX right now! Hope you guys enjoy your weekend (and, in the case of RPI kids, the beginning of your Spring Break) and don’t go trolling too many people.

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  1. Domo says:

    It’s truly staggering that such transcendent beauty could possibly be captured on a piece of paper like that

  2. noktelfa says:

    Well, it doesn’t really look like her… but I suppose there’s room for artistic license. Plus, how accurately do we truly see ourselves?

  3. featherbrain says:

    Shouldn’t it come with a hat…?

  4. The One Guy says:

    But that paper is white, not clear! Otherwise the likeness is astounding.

  5. reynard61 says:

    Done with invisible ink?

  6. drmike says:

    Shouldn’t it come with a hat…?

    Must be a nude then. 🙂

  7. ezzeloharr says:

    I just read through your entire archive in one night. Amazing comic. Thanks for the laughs and the smiles. =)

  8. drmike says:

    I still want a book. 🙂

  9. Random reader says:

    Bit of a missed opportunity, really. If she can see her features in cases where a mirror wouldn’t be required, she could do a really nice picture of herself. Better than a camera. Even if not, she can still feel the contours, or even slather on a cosmetic; hence, she can draw those.