368 – Care Package

368 – Care Package

You know those college-offered care packages that your parents can buy you and have sent to you? EIT produces their own.

*Of course* they’re pre-packed pocket dimensions. And, of course, they’re colored like the TARDIS.

Bucket the Helm of Protecting +1 is not the same bucket.

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  1. Joseph says:

    The bucket is worth more than the contents.

    Also: Don’t panic, Penny!

  2. J~~ says:

    One out of every 1000 is actually full of confetti, packing peanuts, ball pit balls, or spring-loaded snakes.

  3. The One Guy says:

    @ J~~: That sounds like a set up for a certain XKCD strip…

    In the meantime I’m so much of an MSPA fan that I can’t help but find buckets to be dirty.

  4. featherbrain says:

    Don’t panic towel, without a guide? Also, people need chocolate.

  5. J~~ says:

    @The one guy: Hehehe…maybe 🙂

  6. MrGBH says:

    That bar of chocolate is nowhere near big enough.

    And naturally, it includes duct tape. That stuff will fix everything.

  7. Yo says:

    Duct tape? I was thinking it was TP. Naturally… butt-wiping fixes everything.

  8. Radylan says:

    Personally, I really want the bucket just for that giant hammer for whacking… well… everyone.

  9. [Student name here] says:

    I can’t help but thinking that I must have prepared well for college; with the exception of the giant (gummy?) bear, I have every one of those items in my room. Must acquire a transdimensional Bucket o’ Holding next.

  10. Baughbe says:

    That’s a Honey Bear. Standard for sweetening tea, coffee and attracting ants from 50 miles away. Duct tape is also good for impromptu costuming. Do not confuse the two though.

  11. drmike says:

    What’s the thing on her head? (Besides her hair of course)

  12. J~~ says:

    @drmike: A t-shirt.

  13. Anon says:

    I want a life sized gummy!!! <3 gummy bears!

  14. FreeFlier says:

    So . . . is that a rope or a fuse coming out of the bucket?