369 – Inside the Bucket

369 – Inside the Bucket

… is apparently a warehouse.

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  1. Joseph says:

    So now we have “+1” buckets, hyperspace buckets, and “bucket” buckets. Plus Penny has a new hat.

    Unfortunately it doesn’t look like this bucket has anything to help her once she runs straight into a wall.

  2. J~~ says:

    Is the opening big enough for Penny to fit her whole body in there? That could be fun.

  3. Mirenheart says:

    Do i see Vuvuzelas?

  4. Frosty says:

    She should be careful not to jostle the hyperspace. Those bowling balls look heavy.

  5. Wouser says:

    Now pretend you didn’t read the previous comic…

  6. featherbrain says:

    There are buckets in the bucket. INFINITE BUCKET LOOP

  7. Renold says:

    Now for all you MSPA readers, just imagine what goes on inside one of these.

  8. Joseph says:

    Other items that ought to be in there:

    Rubber band balls, spare batteries, Rubik’s cubes, T-shirts with various geeky references, and, if possible, a Wi-Fi router.

  9. werekitty13 says:

    Is it healthy to have part of you in hyperspace with a bunch of Bucket the Helm of Protecting +1s and the rest of you running around EIT campus? What if she accidentally ran off campus and inhaled smoke? Are there inhalers in the bucket?

  10. Wolf-who-watches says:

    One notes that if you turn reft, then spinwards twice, you may leave that place.

    One notes that if one turns lown instead, one exits in a very cold place.